Eunju Lee completed first her training in violin making & restoration at Merton College under the excellent tutor Keith Grave. Later, she started studying at West Dean College of Art and Conservation under another outstanding tutor Shem Mackey for strengthening her abilities related to historic musical instrument making, particularly specialising in viola da gamba making.

During her first year at West Dean College, she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship which recognised her skills, passion and potential in a high standard of craftsmanship.

She also trained at the Royal College of Music Museum in London to acquire skills for analysing the condition of musical instruments and to study historic objects in detail.

Besides, she worked at the Chamberlain Music shop in Haslemere, where she trained and acquired knowledge of setting and repairing violins, violas and cellos.

Whilst studying at West Dean College, she learnt many historical crafting methods - including carving, historical gilding, marquetry, wood & metal turning, silver & blacksmithing, clock making, wood & metal engraving and woodblock printing - to combine and apply this knowledge into historical musical instrument making.

Eunju Lee is interested in early musical instrument making, and particularly the methods which were applied during the Baroque or Renaissance periods for making particular instruments such as the viola da gamba.

She would like to continue her research and making. She has passion and enthusiasm for the early music scene, and it is her motivation to work on the reproduction of historical musical instruments.