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"Services focused on individuality, and thus while aiming for the finest quality of musicality."

I specialized in making members of viola da gamba and baroque/modern violin, viola and cello.

I mainly work on commission-based making, but I also work on interesting early bowed string instruments reproduction projects. You can find them in several annual exhibitions in London.

I also prefer to make bows together with my instruments if time allows.

I also work for restoration and repair work for specific tasks since I spend most of my time on new making. But, please feel free to ask for other tasks. I provide most of the services that you can get from most high-end violin shops.

- Maintenance work for viola da gamba, violin, viola, cello
- Bow rehairs
- Bridge cutting for viola da gamba

- New Fretting
- New bridge cutting
- Soundpost cutting
- Sound optimization/ adjustment
including the string setup and consulting

- Re-setup for baroque setting

You can contact me for the details/discussion about your instruments through email, phone call, or visit upon appointment.

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